Nonprofit Scholars

On demand learning, for in-demand professionals.


Netflix for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Scholars is an online learning community where current and aspiring nonprofit leaders can learn on demand with the support of experts and peers. 

Think of it like Netflix for nonprofits- you can watch each webinar as its released or binge watch when you have time.


Why Join Nonprofit Scholars?

Today's nonprofit leader is expected to be well-versed in everything from program evaluation, to finance, fundraising, risk management, and more- all while staying on top of the latest trends and research in a rapidly changing field. 

Webinars are great, but oftentimes the information is too generic to be useful and facilitators only have a few minutes to answer questions. 

If you've ever jumped on webinar after webinar to learn success strategies and foundational concepts, then you know- this system simply doesn't work. 

Within Nonprofit Scholars, we'll dive deep into single topics and you can ask as many questions as you like- no time limit here! Most importantly, you'll join a community of experts and peers who can help you implement what you've learned.



Every Monday, you'll receive a new 20-minute webinar in your member portal. 


Share your thoughts and questions with a supportive online community of peers and experts.

Get Answers.

Join monthly Q + A sessions where we'll answer questions you've submitted as well as common questions raised within the online community.

Meet Your Guide

Hi there! My name is Sheela and I help nonprofit talent transform into exceptional leaders. Having worked in the nonprofit field for 12 years and counting, my experience runs the gamut from grassroots to multi-million dollar nonprofit organizations.

Now, I want to leverage my expertise in nonprofit administration and fundraising to arm you with the tools you need to run a successful nonprofit.

I created Nonprofit Scholars because, while webinars abound in our sector, there is little opportunity to learn how to implement what we've learned. Knowledge is only useful when we know how to apply it. As a scholar, you'll learn more than you ever thought possible, apply what you've learned, and make a real impact in your community.

With the right knowledge and support you can confidently lead your organization and make an incredible impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nonprofit scholars was created with the intermediate nonprofit professional in mind. You'll gain significant value if:

  • You have between 2-10 years of experience in the nonprofit field
  • You aspire to a leadership position (i.e. executive director, development director, VP of program, etc.)
  • You are making the transition from a programmatic role into administration/ fundraising
  • You want to consult with nonprofit organizations 
  • You have 10+ years of experience under your belt, but would like to keep your finger on the pulse of the sector

Nonprofit Scholars is NOT a good fit if:

  • You are an advanced nonprofit professional with 15+ years of experience who stays on top of research and best practices
  • You are a board member who does not work in the field
  • You are brand new to the sector and do not have a degree in nonprofit management (come back in a couple of years!)

As a Nonprofit Scholar, you'll receive:

  • A new webinar every Monday in your member portal (50+ webinars a year)
  • Access to an online community within your member portal to post questions, network with peers and experts
  • Submit your questions and get them answered during a monthly Q + A session- pre-recorded and available in your member portal
  • Automatic entry into raffles for scholarships to conferences and pro bono consultations
  • Bonus materials such as cheat sheets and quizzes

Nonprofit Scholars is designed for individuals. However, if sharing your membership with your team members will help your nonprofit implement the ideas, then share away!

Please note: Raffle entries are based on account.

Nonprofit Scholars is a monthly subscription program, meaning your credit card will be automatically charged each month. Checks are only accepted for annual payments. Please contact [email protected] to arrange to pay by check.

Sorry- nope. Webinars are only available to view in your member portal. 

You're welcome to cancel your membership at any time- although we're pretty sure you won't want to :) Simply email [email protected] to cancel your membership. 


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